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27 ноября 2013 - Zoro

Due to the width of a question of the version of the summary can differ mentioned areas therefore we advise to revise old versions.

Project essence — the system of relationship including and uniting (but not limiting it) systems of communities of mutual aid, mutually development, frilansing, training, cooperation, interchange, transport and tourist logistics, etc.
Conceptual kernel of system is the principles stated in article "The new democracy. Infokratiya".
It is important to understand that this internet project, as well as projects of real sector are only projections of the general project to the internet or to other concrete sector. The main system of projects will be opened and is not profitable (but profitable systems also can be supported), interest and benefit of founders, performers are formed on the same conditions as of any other user. It is provided with the difficult strategy of the interrelationship between reputation, work, money, etc.
In general the project won't have restrictions and could concern any spheres of life, but the priority will be structured on a positivity vector.

Project purposes:
1 . Creation a global friendly network of people or is broader than subjects and even objects (usually unfamiliar) for each participant.
We recognize that positive people less, but nevertheless there are a lot of them, however in all spheres and territories it is problematic to look for everyone because of what it is necessary to face the uncomfortable environment that extinguishes the development potential.
2 . Introduction of the principles of new democracy from down to top and where the consciousness of elite from top to down will allow that will sharply improve the relevant political systems.
3 . Gradual reduction of influence of money and that pains is important, reduction of an assessment of unproductive work.
 4 . Help to existing positive projects. We adhere to the ecoprinciple that it is more expedient to improve existing, than to create the new.

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