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27 ноября 2013 - Zoro

We are glad to greet you in the alpha version of integrating social network/subnet RU focused on the long-term mutual development. The detailed presentation of this project is planned to the beginning of 2014 together with the book publication. At this time some short Summaries of the project and some pages of the Book of the project are coming out.
First of all the project needs the translators to all languages (for to make a translation of the book from Russian, Ukraine and English), at second — activists and programmers. We also will be glad to cooperate with the publishers – weare planning to publish Ukraine and then Russian and ect. versions of the book and for starting the global project. According to our idea it is better to present the project in all languages simultaneously that is why before we translate the texts into main languages the project filling could be rather slowly. The approximate time we need to start the project is about 3-20 years depending on your assistance. The structure and methods of the project will be visible to everyone but in a different volume depending on the participant’s rating. Later on there will be not only information, but also more real non-finantional or even financial profit to the participant depending on his rating.
Or to stimulate the development of the project, prevent the temptation of the performers to use its secret in their own purposes, stability of the project at possible mass inflow of new participants the weight coefficient rating distribution depending on number of participants is used. Thus, the users participating in the project earlier, will have some rating stability of the project advantage.
After registration the functions of this site will become available to you. You will be able to get the blog, to load photos and to communicate with friends. Registration is possible through any communities, however asks the ambassador in a profile to specify your email address.

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